The reasons why young actor John Wayne almost left Hollywood

Like apple pie, the Western movie subgenre is ingrained in American society. But as seen by the number of Westerns Hollywood studios made in the 1930s through the 1950s

compared to more recent years, the genre's appeal has recently declined. Nevertheless, "The Power of the Dog" and the Paramount television series "Yellowstone"

both enjoyed popularity in the twenty-first century, maintaining the themes and images of cowboys, outlaws, Native American tribes, and the wild, unclaimed territory.

Although there have been subsequent movies and television series with characters wearing cowboy hats, John Wayne is still associated with the word "Western" in the world of Hollywood.

According to Most Wanted Western Movies, Wayne began acting in films of many genres in the late 1920s, but from the 1930s until 1950,

he appeared in at least one western almost every year. Wayne eventually received an Oscar for his performance in the western "True Grit" in 1969.

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